B2B eCommerce – The Trillion Dollar Gorilla

B2B eCommerce – The Trillion Dollar Gorilla

In 2018 B2B eCommerce sales in the US crossed the $1 trillion threshold, exceeding B2C eCommerce by over 60%.  With huge players like Amazon and Walmart dominating the B2C market, there may be greater opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses in the lucrative B2B eCommerce world.

Although B2B electronic commerce in the form of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) dates back to the 1970s, the business has been drastically transformed largely by consumer advances in web and mobile technology.

Three BuyeRecommended vendors with deep experience in B2B eCommerce share their knowledge on how to succeed in building and promoting B2B eCommerce properties:

2020: The State of B2B eCommerce

Absolunet (Sitecore Commerce), in its broad-reaching 4 part series on B2B eCommerce covers: reasons why your site may be costing you sales, how to pick the right B2B platform, making Amazon work better for your business, and bridging the digital gap for manufacturers and distributors.

6 Critical Steps to Succeed in B2B eCommerce

Alphazeta (Episerver) offers 6 areas of focus for making eCommerce work for its clients, including: knowing your customer, crafting relevant content, delivering across devices, journey mapping, cross platform integration, and multi-channel distribution.

Why Focus on B2B eCommerce?

Trellis (Demandware/Salesforce) CEO, Isaiah Bollinger explains in a 4 part video series, why eCommerce is now so critical to B2B merchants. For businesses that have long relied on shipping to receive parts and supplies from vendors, eCommerce is an even more natural progression than it is for many consumers who are still transitioning from shopping in stores.  Because it is inherently more efficient to shop online, Bollinger believes businesses will continue to move their purchases online, driving long term growth in this sector.

Even if you missed our free webinar on LinkedIn Tips for B2B eCommerce last Tuesday, you can still watch a complete recording of this amazing session led by LinkedIn guru, Joe Apfelbaum:

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