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How CRO Drives ROI

It’s often said that the 3 keys to success in retail are location, location and location.  For eCommerce the 3 keys to success could well be conversion, conversion and conversion!  It really doesn’t matter how much traffic your site gets if none of it converts to paying customers.

According to a meta-study by Growcode the average eCommerce conversion rate is 2.04%.  But using videos on a landing page can almost double that rate, increasing it by 86%, according to Wordstream.

Want to know how to squeeze out more revenue from your site traffic? Read these three compelling blogs full of CRO tips and techniques from three BuyeRecommended vendors…

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Headless Ecommerce Leap of Faith

Headless eCommerce sounds like a great topic for Halloween, when it might conjure up ghostly images of a “headless horseman” rampaging through a graveyard under a full moon.

Despite its unusual moniker, headless eCommerce systems are worth taking seriously as they represent an important advance in eCommerce systems architecture, that comes with a host of benefits.

Read how three leading BuyeRecommended eCommerce vendors clearly define headless systems, enumerate their strengths and weaknesses, and explain why you might just want to make that “headless” leap of faith…

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Making Category Filters Work for You

A major advantages of shopping online over in store is the ability to search across thousands of products and compare just those that meet your needs.  Category filters at large shopping sites like Amazon and Walmart make this process even easier, yet according to Big Commerce, a whopping 42% of major shopping sites don’t even provide category specific product filters.

If the products you sell online come in many different variations, you’ll need category filters to make the shopping experience easier for your customers, or they will shop elsewhere.

What’s the best way to implement category filters?  Three BuyeRecommended vendors offer their insights, each focusing on a different aspect of the challenge – from basic tips and mobile implementation to addressing hurdles that might negatively impact your SEO programs…

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Why eCommerce Site Security is So Critical

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds, but multi-factor authentication and encryption are the biggest hacker obstacles.  These are just two of the 40 alarming hacking statistics cited by Hosting Tribunal in their recent post.  Ecommerce sites are particularly vulnerable to hacking because as Bill the Kid explained about why he robbed banks robbing “that’s where the money is”.  How can you protect your eCommerce site against such attacks?

Three BuyeRecommended vendors share their expertise on how to harden your site against hacking and fraud, covering everything from technical solutions to management best practices…

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Why Typography Matters

When AirBNB updated its logo in 2014, they also debuted a proprietary typeface dubbed “Air” to help differentiate their brand.  For those of us who can’t yet afford to design our own font styles, there are thousands of beautifully designed commercially available fonts to chose from – both free and licensed.

Choosing the right font and typography for your eCommerce website is more important than many think.  Well chosen typography can significantly enhance your brand image as much as poor choices can distract and annoy prospective customers.

Three BuyeRecommended vendors share their expertise in font and typography selection below including recommendations of 8 free fonts from Google’s huge library…

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eCommerce Development Prototyping is Well Worth It

Building an eCommerce website without a wireframe or prototype is like constructing a new house without a blueprint.  It might appear to be going well, until you discover that costly oversight that could have been caught early with a detailed visual plan!

With so many wireframing tools to choose from, some of which are free, it rarely makes sense to skip this important step in the process.  Investing in a fully interactive prototype may also be wise, particularly for more complex projects.

Three BuyeRecommended vendors describe the different types of application blueprints and why making good use of them is a best practice…

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B2B eCommerce – The Trillion Dollar Gorilla

In 2018 B2B eCommerce sales in the US crossed the $1 trillion threshold, exceeding B2C eCommerce by over 60%.  With huge players like Amazon and Walmart dominating the B2C market, there may be greater opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses in the lucrative B2B eCommerce world.

Although B2B electronic commerce in the form of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) dates back to the 1970s, the business has been drastically transformed largely by consumer advances in web and mobile technology.

Three BuyeRecommended vendors with deep experience in B2B eCommerce share their knowledge on how to succeed in building and promoting B2B eCommerce properties:

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The Search is On(site)!

We all know the importance of Search Engine Optimization for driving traffic to our online stores, but how do we ensure that customers will find what they want once they get there? Onsite search is now more critical than ever for a successful customer journey resulting in a purchase.

Customers who use an onsite search box result in an average conversion rate of 2.4% against the 1.7% rate of customers who don’t, according to Allyson Tremblay of SDL Fredhopper.  This should be enough reason to pay close attention to onsite search.

Three BuyeRecommended vendors share their perspectives and tips on how to make onsite search work for you

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Loyalty Trumps Royalty with eCommerce

A lucky brand can experience a tremendous bump in sales when a Duchess like Meghan Markle sports their fashion at a public event.  Royalty is great, but for most eCommerce brands Loyalty is better and far more accessible.

According to BigCommerce, it costs 5 times as much to acquire a new buyer than to retain an existing customer – and loyal customers spend up to 67% more than new ones.

Loyalty programs are a proven method for generating repeat business from existing customers.  Three BuyeRecommended eCommerce vendors share their secrets on how to make the most out of loyalty programs and which loyalty tools to consider…

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