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Psychology of Color

Choosing the right color palette for your website can make a huge difference on how your brand is perceived and how well your site converts visitors into customers.  Three leading agencies discuss the psychology of color and how it impacts your customers’ behavior…

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Blurring Lines Between Click and Brick

Is the US facing a Retail Apocalypse?  By mid-June of this year the 19 major retail bankruptcies in the US put the industry on pace to exceed retail failures in all but one year since 2012 according to the Financial Times.  Although eCommerce has certainly given traditional retail outlets a run for their money, it still represents only 11% of total retail sales.

Of course the share of eCommerce is much higher in certain retail sectors than in others.
A 2018 analysis by found eCommerce representing over 23% of electronics and appliance sales, but barely more than 3% of food and beverage sales.

What are traditional retailers doing to protect their turf against the relentless incursion of eCommerce, and how are eCommerce companies encroaching on the brick and mortar space?  We posed this and other related questions to eCommerce industry consultant, Rick Watson and learned a few things about the blurring lines between click and brick…

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Need for Speed

Is your eCommerce business sacrificing sales on the alter of poor site performance?  According to the Web Analytics Hub, eCommerce sites lose an average of 7% of revenue for every 1 second increase in load times.  Slow speeds impact every step of the purchase process from the landing page exits to cart abandonment.

Fortunately, as explained below by three of BuyeRecommended’s design and development vendors there are many ways to improve your site performance.  You might start by testing your site speed with one of the 11+ tools suggested be The Thrive Agency, many of which are free.  Don’t stop there -improving performance could drop straight to your bottom line!…

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Email Marketing Jackpot

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the eCommerce Weekly Brief.  Each week we bring you highlights across 5 categories of eCommerce news (see table of contents) along with a deeper dive into a specific topic covered by top eCommerce agencies.

Appropriately, this week’s topic is all about email marketing.   According to the DMA National Client Email Report 2015, on average, $1 invested in email marketing returns a whopping $38 in profits.  Of course, that’s only when done right.  Three top email design agencies share their secrets of best practices, so you can hit the email jackpot as well!…

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