eCommerce Development Prototyping is Well Worth It

eCommerce Development Prototyping is Well Worth It

Building an eCommerce website without a wireframe or prototype is like constructing a new house without a blueprint.  It might appear to be going well, until you discover that costly oversight that could have been caught early with a detailed visual plan!

With so many wireframing tools to choose from, some of which are free, it rarely makes sense to skip this important step in the process.  Investing in a fully interactive prototype may also be wise, particularly for more complex projects.

Three BuyeRecommended vendors describe the different types of application blueprints and why making good use of them is a best practice:

Save Time & Development Dollars – The Value of Prototyping

Adage Technologies (Episerver), in its succinct blog post, gives 5 reasons why prototyping leads to better development, including lower costs, reduced risk and faster implementation.  What’s not to love about that?

Importance of Prototypes

Techaffinity (Marketplace Design) distinguishes between wireframes, which may be both visual and interactive and true prototypes which are typically preliminary implementations of a site or application.  Although both facilitate communications, the latter is much better for feasibility and usability testing – two important advantages, particularly when building custom eCommerce applications.

The Difference Between a Sketch, Wireframe, Mockup, and Prototype

Farshore (B2B & Manufacturing Design) makes even finer, yet important, distinctions between different types of web/application design plans from a sketch to a fully functional prototype.  The author adeptly compares wireframes to the bones or skeleton of a new application and mockups to the skin, which better portrays the visual aspects of the design.

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