FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I list in more than one category?

Yes.  To list in multiple categories, create a new listing for each.  Note that, each vendor is limited to one Free listing, but you may post as many paid listings as you would like to cover your full range of specializations.  Since Free listings do not allow customer reviews, we recommend that you reserve your free listing for your least competitive category.

Can I include multiple office locations in one listing?

Your BuyeRecommended listing is currently limited to one location.  If your company has multiple offices in the US/Canada, we recommend using either your North American headquarters address or the address of the office where your listing category expertise is strongest.

Can I list in a location where I do business but don’t have a physical presence?

No.  Your company must have a physical address with at least one employee or representative in that office to use that address for your listing.

How can I improve the ranking of my listings?

Listings are ranked first by the type of subscription and then by the listing’s Total Score.  Featured listings are ranked highest, followed by Standard listings, Free listings, and finally any unclaimed listings.  A listing’s Total Score is based on the number and quality of customer reviews associated with that listing as described in our Review Guidelines.  Reviews can only be added to paid listings.  Once you have upgraded to one of the paid Listing Packages, we recommend that you solicit reviews about projects in the category from your best customers.  You can use this review solicitation email template to get started.

How do I upgrade my Free listing?

You can upgrade your Free listing to a paid subscription at any time by editing the listing via the “My Listings” option under your account menu on the right side of the blue header bar.  Click the edit icon (grey box with pencil) of the listing you want to upgrade.   Make any necessary edits/changes to your listing and then select the upgraded listing package at the bottom of the form.  Choose your payment method and click the “Edit Listing” button.  Once your payment is processed, your edited listing will be submitted for review.  Your listing will be upgraded, and the renewal date reset as soon as it is approved

How do I upgrade or downgrade my paid (subscription) listing?

You can upgrade/downgrade from one paid subscription to another, but you must first cancel your current subscription. To do so, navigate to the “My Listings” option under your account menu on the right side of the blue header bar. Click the edit icon (grey box with pencil) of the listing you wish to change. Note you will be presented with two messages. The first explains that you cannot edit either your Listing Type (Category) or Listing Package, without first cancelling your current subscription. To proceed, click the second message to cancel your current subscription. Then follow the instructions under “How do I upgrade my Free listing?” to change your subscription. Please note, that if you have any reviews associated with your listing, you will not be able to change the Listing Type because reviews are scored based on the category of the listing.

How can I respond to an unfair review?

Any registered user including the owner of a listing can Flag a review if they believe it is inappropriate or misleading.  Our support team will review the stated reason for each submitted Flag and take action as appropriate.  You may also add comments at the bottom of your listing detail page to respond to or challenge a review, but this may serve to highlight the review in question, which may not be in the best interest of the listing owner.  Note that all comments are moderated by the BuyeRecommended support team.