Headless Ecommerce Leap of Faith

Headless Ecommerce Leap of Faith

Headless eCommerce sounds like a great topic for Halloween, when it might conjure up ghostly images of a “headless horseman” rampaging through a graveyard under a full moon.

Despite its unusual moniker, headless eCommerce systems are worth taking seriously as they represent an important advance in eCommerce systems architecture, that comes with a host of benefits.

Read how three leading BuyeRecommended eCommerce vendors clearly define headless systems, enumerate their strengths and weaknesses, and explain why you might just want to make that “headless” leap of faith:

Everything You Should Know About Headless Commerce

iFlexion (Hybris – SAP Commerce), in its very comprehensive post, not only defines headless commerce in great detail but also covers 5 benefits of implementing these modular systems including faster innovation, cost reduction and ease of customization for different channels.

The Pros and Cons of Headless eCommerce

Accorin (Demandware – Salesforce) does an excellent job outlining the benefits and drawbacks of headless eCommerce in its post on the topic.  Their bottom line is that a headless solution is best suited for more sophisticated online shops that can manage a complex architecture and take full advantage of the added flexibility.

How to Use Headless Commerce to Win at Ecommerce

Blue Acorn iCi (Elastic Path) writes a 2-part series on headless eCommerce, the second of which focuses on five ways that a headless system can improve the customer experience.  Each of the five, including faster site speed, quicker time to market with new features and personalization, is discussed in depth, making for a convincing argument for considering this new technology.

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