How CRO Drives ROI

How CRO Drives ROI

It’s often said that the 3 keys to success in retail are location, location and location.  For eCommerce the 3 keys to success could well be conversion, conversion and conversion!  It really doesn’t matter how much traffic your site gets if none of it converts to paying customers.

According to a meta-study by Growcode the average eCommerce conversion rate is 2.04%.  But using videos on a landing page can almost double that rate, increasing it by 86%, according to Wordstream.

Want to know how to squeeze out more revenue from your site traffic? Read these three compelling blogs full of CRO tips and techniques from three BuyeRecommended vendors:

DIY Guide to CRO for eCommerce​

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to CRO in a single blog post read the DIY Guide by Visiture (Hybris/SAP) this 1,900 word post is replete with engaging graphics and prose that walks the reader through every step of the shopper’s journey describing how eCommerce stores can keep their visitors attention right through to the sale, and beyond.

Nine Ways to Improve eCommerce Conversion Rates

Vital Design (Demandware/Salesforce) offers a comprehensive list of tools and tips for how to maximize conversion rates, along with graphics and useful links.  It includes the obvious like A/B testing as well as more sublime techniques like heat mapping which provides a visual representation of where visitors are spending time on each page.

6 Important CRO Takeaways from 14 Popular Ecommerce Sites

Blue Stout (Marketplace Design) shares 14 conversation rate optimization case studies from popular sites, bringing to life the impact of 6 critical CRO practices.  Many cite impressive optimization results including a 27% increase in revenue per visitor by setting video as the default visual on each product page.

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