Our goal at BuyeRecommended Publications is to help buyers of eCommerce products and services find the most highly qualified vendors based on fit with their requirements and recommendations of other buyers.  If you are a vendor of eCommerce products or services and would like to have your company listed on, please follow these guidelines to get the most out of your listings.

Claiming or Creating a Listing

Your company may already be listed on, so start by searching or browsing for your company on the site using the search bar or category navigator.  If your company is already listed, it may have been posted by another user at your company, or more likely, it will have been uploaded by a BuyeRecommended administrator, and available to be claimed.

To claim a listing, you will first need to either sign in or register as a new user.  After signing in, return to the detail page of your company’s listing and click the “Claim” button with the flag icon next to the social media share links located below the listing description.  Complete the pop-up form including your telephone number so we can call to verify proper ownership.  You may also include a note to the administrator in your claim form.

Once your claim has been verified, we will transfer ownership of the listing to your account and notify you via email that the listing is available for editing.   To edit your newly claimed listing, sign in and select “My Listings” from the account drop down menu.  Then click the grey pencil “Edit” icon next to the appropriate listing.

If your business is not already listed on the site, you can add a listing by clicking the red “+ Add New Listing” button to the right of the main menu.

Choosing your Listing Category

Start creating/editing your listing by selecting or updating your Listing Type and Sub Listing Type, the category under which your listing will appear.  Choose your listing category carefully, as reviews for your listing will be scored in part based on how closely they align with the listing category.  We recommend selecting a category in which you have significant recent project experience that you can draw on for client recommendations.  Consider selecting a category in which you may also have fewer competitors as this will make it easier for your listing to rise to the top, assuming you also have strong reviews.  Currently each listing can only appear under one category, but you can add as many listings as you like to cover the full range of services your company offers.

Title and Description

Name your listing by completing the Title field.  In most cases this will be the name of your company.  You may use your company name as the Title for multiple listings as they will be distinguished from one another by the category.

Use the Description field to briefly describe your company’s offering in the category highlighting what differentiates you from competitors.  You may format this description however you choose including copying and pasting preformatted HTML from another source.  The fully formatted version of your description will appear on your listing detail page.   Note that the first few lines of text will also appear on your listing with standard formatting in the category pages and in both onsite and offsite (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo) search results, so carefully consider how your description begins.

Additional Information

The data fields in this section are used by prospective buyers to narrow down the list of vendors based on their budget and other vendor preferences.  This data is also used to score both the relevance and significance of reviews submitted by your customers.  For example, your average project size will be compared to the reviewer’s project size as one input for measuring project relevance.  Also, the number of Projects/Year in Category will offset the weight of each review so that smaller businesses with fewer projects will not be disadvantaged relative to larger companies that may have more reviews because of their greater annual project volume.

Complete the Additional Information fields as follows:

  • Number of Employees – Select the range that best describes the size of your business
  • Projects/Year in Category – Enter the average number of projects in the category that your business completes in a year.
  • Minimum Project Size – Enter the smallest size project in US$ that your company will consider
  • Average Project Size – Enter the average size of a project for your company in the category
  • Average Hourly Rate – Select the average blended hourly rate that you charge or use to establish the price of your fixed price projects

Services and Capabilities

These checkboxes allow you to further define your products and services, so buyers can more easily find vendors that meet their criteria.  The selection of services and capabilities may vary depending on the category selected.  For eCommerce developers, the choices are as follows:

  • Projects type – fixed price: check this box if you offer fixed price projects
  • Project type – T&M offsite: check this box if you offer time and materials contracts, working away from the client site.
  • Project type – T&M onsite: check this box if you offer time and materials contracts, working at the client site.
  • Vendor certified: check this box if you company is certified by the vendor of the category in which your company is listed.
  • WMBE certified: check this box if your company is certified as a woman, minority or service disabled veteran owned business enterprise.


Tags provide another means for you to identify your company’s capabilities.  You may add as many tags as you would like, separated by commas.  However, we recommend that you limit the tags to only your most important features or capabilities that buyers might search for.  You may include tags to indicate that you provide services in other categories, but such tags will not make your listings appear under those other categories.

Location and Address

Please select a location and region where your primary US or Canadian office is located.  The regions in each of these two countries include the following states, provinces, or territories:

United States

Northeast: Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

Southeast: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia

Midwest: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin

South Central: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas

Rocky Mountain: Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

West Coast: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington


Atlantic: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island

Central: Ontario, Quebec

Prairie: Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

West Coast: British Columbia

North: Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon Territory

Then input your office address to enable the map function to find your location’s geographic coordinates.  Using only the street address (excluding suite/floor number) will enable automatic lookup.  You can add back suite/floor number information after your address is located, or you can find your Longitude and Latitude coordinates by searching for your address on and entering them below the map.


You may upload a Header Image which will appear at the top of your listing detail page.  We recommend that your Header Image be 2,000px wide by 485px high to fill the entire width of larger desktop screens.  This image will be cropped from both sides to fit smaller screens.  If you do not upload a Header Image, the background at the top of your listing detail page will be an expanded version of the image provided in the Image Upload section just below.

You must provide an image for the Image Upload section.  This image should be 440px wide by 330px high and will be displayed when your listing appears with others in search and category results.

Message and Pricing

When submitting your listing, you may include a short message including any questions to the “reviewer”, or the person at BuyeRecommended who will be verifying your listing.

Finally, please select a listing package.  We currently offer three listing packages which are described below and on our package pricing page:

Free (No Reviews) – Each member is allowed one Free Listing which comes up for renewal every 180 days.  Free Listings are ranked ahead of unclaimed listings, but do not include reviews which are required to further improve ranking position.

Standard (30 Day) – This option is the standard listing, which renews every 30 days and allows registered site visitors to submit reviews to improve the listings ranking.

Featured (30 Day) – Featured Listings are prioritized over Standard Listings in the same category and in search results.  Featured Listings will also display a “Featured” banner and may include other special promotions which will vary from time to time.

Finally don’t forget to read the BuyeRecommended Terms of Use, and check the box to confirm that you have read and agree to those terms.

Then hit the SUBMIT button to send your listing for verification.

Soliciting Reviews

Once your listing has been published, you’ll want to improve its ranking by soliciting reviews from your best customers.  Feel free to use our as a starting point for requesting reviews.  Also, please refer to the BuyeRecommended Review Guidelines that provide a comprehensive explanation for how reviews impact your listing’s Total Score which determines its ranking in category and search results.

Total Score

BuyeRecommended scores listings based on the relevance, quality, recency of each review as well as the reviewer’s willingness to serve as a reference.  Your listing’s Total Score will increase with the number of positive, high quality reviews and can be adversely affected by negative reviews.  The Total Score is also adjusted for a vendor’s average annual number of projects in the category so that smaller companies are not disadvantaged because of their size.  The listing’s Total Score is displayed below each entry under My Listings, along with the number of views.

Recurring Subscription Payments

After adding a new listing, or taking ownership of an otherwise unclaimed listing, you must choose a paid listing package to enable customers to submit reviews.   BuyeRecommended will automatically charge your credit card or other payment method every month to keep your subscription current.  You will be notified if your payment does not go through and your listing will be suspended until the recurring payment authorization is updated and the account is made current.  BuyeRecommended may cancel your listing and delete any reviews if listing remains unpaid for a prolonged period.  You may cancel your subscription renewal at any time and your listing will remain active through the end of the prepaid period unless you delete or inactivate it.  When a user cancels a subscription, the listing and all associated reviews will be deleted from the system.

Maximizing the Value of Your Listing

BuyeRecommended understands that our success depends on the value we provide to both buyers and sellers of ecommerce products and services.   Buyers rely on as a reliable, unbiased resource of the best vendors in the industry for their projects.  As a vendor, the return on your listing investment can be measured by the number of high-quality leads that it generates over time.  BuyeRecommended invests heavily in online advertising, search engine optimization and content marketing to generate traffic from prospective buyers of our vendors’ products and services.  You will get the most from both your investment and ours by keeping your listings up to date, improving your ranking by soliciting positive reviews from your customers, and measuring lead traffic from the site, which you can expect to grow along with our brand and exposure.  You can help us help you by referring both customers and non-competing vendors to the site.  We also welcome your feedback on how we can improve our services to make them even more valuable to you and the rest of the ecommerce industry.