Need for Speed

Need for Speed

Is your eCommerce business sacrificing sales on the alter of poor site performance?  According to the Web Analytics Hub, eCommerce sites lose an average of 7% of revenue for every 1 second increase in load times.  Slow speeds impact every step of the purchase process from the landing page exits to cart abandonment.

Fortunately, as explained below by three of BuyeRecommended’s design and development vendors there are many ways to improve your site performance.  You might start by testing your site speed with one of the 11+ tools suggested be The Thrive Agency, many of which are free.  Don’t stop there -improving performance could drop straight to your bottom line!

Why is My Organization’s Website So Slow?

Cantilever (B2B & Manufacturing Design) explains in detail in part 1 of a 2-part series, the primary reasons why your site might be slow and what you can do to fix it.  Bottom line – “If your site is slow, no amount of effort put into design or content can save it.”

How to Improve Your eCommerce Site’s Speed

Visiture (Hybris – SAP Commerce) recommends that eCommerce businesses first optimize for mobile speed since Google prioritized its Mobile First Index this past summer. They also offer 3 tools for testing site speed and 3 tips for optimization.

10+ Tools to Test WordPress Website Performance and Site Speed

Thrive Agency (Shopify) provides a comprehensive list of 11 tools for WordPress users to test the performance of their eCommerce sites.  The list includes screen shots, key features and the strengths and weakness of each.

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November 11, 2019

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