Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color

Choosing the right color palette for your website can make a huge difference on how your brand is perceived and how well your site converts visitors into customers.  Three leading agencies discuss the psychology of color and how it impacts your customers’ behavior:

Using Psychology of Color for Better Conversions

Trellis (Demandware/Salesforce) offers a very extensive write up and infographic on how color impacts conversions and conjures different moods.  Blue, for example exudes trust, security and safety, whereas red is great for conveying passion, energy and a sense of urgency, making it very effective for calls to action.

Applying Color Theory to eCommerce

AlphaZeta (Episerver) points out that 92.6% of survey respondents view visual appearance to be the most important factor in a purchase decision.  They then offer some great examples of how websites use colors to evoke feelings of power (black), confidence (orange) and calm (green).

How Color Psychology Can Increase Conversions

Forge and Smith (Food & Beverage Design) asserts that colors can drive sales by tapping into subconscious human emotions and generating optimal responses. They provide 2 web page examples for each of seven colors demonstrating how the same color can be used to different effect.

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