When you register as a user on, we only require you to provide your name, user ID, email address and password. However, whether you plan to use the site as a buyer of ecommerce services or as a vendor with listings, we recommend that you edit your profile page according to these profile setup instructions.

For Buyers

To edit your profile, click the Profile entry in the user account menu on the far right of the top blue bar.  The data fields from your registration form will be pre-populated.  You can change any of these fields, except for your User ID.   As a buyer of services, none of your profile information will be visible to other users unless you submit a review or comment, in which case users will see your profile Nickname (Display Name) and a profile picture (User Photo), if you provide one.  If you would like to represent yourself as an organization, we recommend that you use some version of your company name as your profile Nickname and your company logo for your profile picture.  Otherwise, please use your first name or nickname for the profile Nickname field and submit a professional looking photo of yourself.

Feel free to provide any other information about yourself or your company which might help the BuyeRecommended support team contact you, if necessary.

For Vendors

As a vendor with listings on, you will need to provide more information on your profile so prospective customers have multiple ways of contacting you.  If one individual at your company is responsible for responding to inquiries from our directory, we recommend that you populate your profile with his/her photo, direct phone numbers and business email as buyers tend to feel more comfortable contacting people they can identify.  If inquiries will be handled by a department within your organization (e.g. sales, or marketing), feel free to use a company logo for your profile image and departmental email addresses (e.g. and phone numbers.

Since your listings on can provide only limited information about your services, we strongly recommend that you also include your company’s web address and any corporate social media links in the appropriate fields.  In the website field you may want to direct visitors to a specific page such as your ecommerce services page, particularly if you also offer many other services.  Please note that you must provide a complete URL for all your social media accounts.  For example, if your Twitter handle is @Ecomm_Vendor, then please enter Ecomm_Vendor in the Twitter link field.

Other Optional Fields

The address fields, including city and country are entirely optional.  However, you may want to include them to help our support staff distinguish your company from others with similar names, or to know when the best time might be to reach you via phone given your time zone.