Why eCommerce Site Security is So Critical

Why eCommerce Site Security is So Critical

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds, but multi-factor authentication and encryption are the biggest hacker obstacles.  These are just two of the 40 alarming hacking statistics cited by Hosting Tribunal in their recent post.  Ecommerce sites are particularly vulnerable to hacking because as Bill the Kid explained about why he robbed banks robbing “that’s where the money is”.  How can you protect your eCommerce site against such attacks?

Three BuyeRecommended vendors share their expertise on how to harden your site against hacking and fraud, covering everything from technical solutions to management best practices:

9 Tips to Protect your eCommerce Business from Security Attacks

Kays Harbor (Mobile Commerce) offers a long list of recommendations for locking down your eCommerce site and limiting the risk of an attack.  They start with the basics like implementing SSL security, but also cover best practices for site architecture (multi-layered), and operations (e.g. tracking orders to avoid scams).  All 9 are thoughtful suggestions worth serious consideration.

How to Move Your eCommerce Store to HTTPS and Why It’s Necessary​

Visiture (Hybris – SAP Commerce) takes a deep dive into why SSL (HTTPS) is so critical for your eCommerce site and how to implement it.  For many, one of the most important reasons is that since 2014 Google penalizes search ranking for sites that lack SSL certificates and flag them with the label “not secure” in the Chrome address bar.  The blog highlights several other reasons and more importantly, how to successfully transition your site to SSL.

4 Ways to Know If Your Site Is Safe for eCommerce

Atlantic BT (Magento) addresses SSL and three more management oriented practices to ensure your site is secure including: hiring a trusted development partner, verifying the security of your hosting infrastructure and setting aside a sufficient maintenance budget to patch security holes post launch.

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