Why Typography Matters

Why Typography Matters

When AirBNB updated its logo in 2014, they also debuted a proprietary typeface dubbed “Air” to help differentiate their brand.  For those of us who can’t yet afford to design our own font styles, there are thousands of beautifully designed commercially available fonts to chose from – both free and licensed.

Choosing the right font and typography for your eCommerce website is more important than many think.  Well chosen typography can significantly enhance your brand image as much as poor choices can distract and annoy prospective customers.

Three BuyeRecommended vendors share their expertise in font and typography selection below including recommendations of 8 free fonts from Google’s huge library:

Choosing the Right Font for Your eCommerce Website

Shero Designs (BigCommerce) reveals key considerations when selecting fonts for your eCommerce website.  Pay close attention to their do’s and don’ts like limiting the number of fonts on your site to no more than 3 and pairing serif and non-serif fonts for balance.  Shero recommends more unique fonts to make titles stand out, and fonts that are easier on the eye for the bulk of your text.

The 8 Best Google Fonts to Use on Your Website

Newbird Designs (Magento) goes a step further by recommending 8 of the more popular fonts from Google’s massive library of over 900 free font styles.  They point out that choosing the right font can have a huge impact on your customer’s first impression of you and your brand’s values.  Their recommendations include a brief description of each font and best use cases.

Headline Capitalization: Title Case vs. Sentence Case

Atmosol (BigCommerce) focuses on proper styling for headlines depending on whether or not your eCommerce site is targeting international buyers.  While title case is more common in the United States, it can be jarring, and annoying to Europeans.  Fortunately, with smart geo-filtering, you can deliver the right headline typography to each of your target audiences.

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